A step ahead in inviting tenders

Whether the construction of a town hall is at issue, the purchase of software or the supply of official cars: the authorities and semi-public authorities have to stick to the rules of the game. The purpose of these rules is to ensure that entrepreneurs all have equal chances to be awarded the order. The specialized lawyers of PlasBossinade have the answers to every question you may think of in that respect. 

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Conducting legal proceedings and advising

The lawyers of PlasBossinade conduct legal proceedings about invitations for tenders on behalf of tendering parties as well as entrepreneurs. For that reason they are able to shed a light on your case from both perspectives. This is to your advantage. PlasBossinade even more aims at helping you to prevent disputes. An important part of the activities of the lawyers of PlasBossinade therefore involves giving advice to tendering parties and entrepreneurs. Because of their broad experience in legal proceedings the lawyers of PlasBossinade are able to think one step ahead.

For tendering parties

Tendering parties can turn to PlasBossinade with questions such as:

  • Is my organization a ‘contracting entity’?
  • Is the intended transaction subject to a duty to invite for tenders?
  • For which tendering procedure shall I opt?
  • Are my tendering documents legitimate?
  • Should I lay aside a tender because of a deficiency or could it be corrected?
  • Are the objections of an entrepreneur against the tendering procedure as it has been pursued valid? 

For entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can turn to PlasBossinade with questions such as:

  • Which possibilities do I have if I am not invited for a private tendering procedure?
  • Are the requirements that must be met proportionate?
  • In which way should I act if I object against these requirements?
  • What is ‘strategically submitting’ and what is the difference with ‘manipulatively submitting’?
  • Has my tender been declared invalid on proper grounds?
  • Which possibilities do I have to protest against a decision of the party inviting for the tender?  

Sharing knowledge

Procurement law is a relatively new area of law which is continuously developing. The lawyers of PlasBossinade closely follow the developments and therefore keep their knowhow up to date. They also attribute to the development of procurement law by publishing in professional journals and magazines. PlasBossinade gladly shares its knowhow with you and offers services such as:

  • Aandachtig Aanbesteden (‘Close focus on calling for tenders’, an interactive training for parties inviting tenders on the application of Procurement law in practice)
  • Ga voor Gunning! (‘Make awarding your aim’ an interactive training for entrepreneurs on the application of Procurement law in practice) 

Apart from that PlasBossinade takes care of courses and seminars, solitary or in cooperation with other practice groups of PlasBossinade. Service tailored to your needs is always possible. You can contact us without obligation.