'In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes'

A quote by Benjamin Franklin in 1789. A truth still applicable; practically every economic decision has tax implications. Tax law plays a role in almost all fields of law and manifests itself on a local, national and international level. The lawyers-tax experts (tax lawyers) of PlasBossinade can assist you with all tax issues you are confronted with. 

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The tax lawyers of PlasBossinade deal with:  

  • legal proceedings against the Tax Office or state or local authorities
  • consultations with and legal proceedings against the Tax collector
  • other cases carrying a tax interest

These various items are explained in more detail hereafter.

Legal proceedings against the Tax Office or state or local authorities

The tax lawyers offer a creative and solution-oriented approach of your case. Should consultations or cooperation with the Tax Office no longer be possible, legal proceedings may possibly offer a solution. The tax lawyers of PlasBossinade have a sound knowledge of substantive and procedural law and they have a broad experience in legal proceedings pertaining to tax matters. If need be legal proceedings are conducted up to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

The activities of the tax lawyers entail for example:

  • assistance with audits/records inspections;
  • conducting objection, appeal or appeal in cassation proceedings against Tax Office decisions, tax assessments and/or fines; 
  • repentance procedures;
  • criminal tax cases 

Legal proceedings against the Tax collector

The Tax collector is responsible for the collection of taxes and may besides hold liable a party other than the tax subject. The Tax collector within that scope has at his disposal  instruments of the Collection of State Taxes Act (Invorderingswet) and the powers provided for by general law. The tax lawyers of PlasBossinade have knowledge in both areas of law and can assist you in every dispute with the Tax collector. You may for example think of: 

  • assistance with requests for deferment of payment or remission;
  • disputes about collection or enforced collection;
  • notice of liability (for example directors’, recipients’ and vicarious tax liability) by the Tax collector.

Other cases carrying a tax interest

Tax law can be a labyrinth. Therefore a professional error is easily made by an advisor. This may have far stretching consequences. Our tax lawyers have a broad experience with liability cases pertaining to taxes conducted on behalf of as well as against the advisor.
Apart from that they work together with other professionals in various fields of law and they advise on tax matters, regarding amongst others restructurings of companies, company takeovers, mergers, joint ventures, real estate projects, financing and divorce.