Construction and Confidence

Construction is a complicated business. A lot of parties, a lot of interests. In order to have the construction process continue without impediment, apart from legal knowledge there must also be knowledge of the mutual relationships and the construction process. The construction lawyers of PlasBossinade have considerable knowledge to this regard.   

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Knowledge of your line of business

To be right in a legal sense is not always in itself sufficient. It is of the utmost importance to you that your lawyer understands that various interests play a role: no delay, no damage to your image, maintaining business relationships and monitoring liquidity. All aspects that may be of crucial importance to you. PlasBossinade has an eye for these matters.

Knowledge of chain partners

Clients, Groundwork, Road and Hydraulic Engineering, utility and house building contractors, engineering agencies, architects, project developers, electrical installation engineers and constructors, they all avail themselves of the services of PlasBossinade. A long-standing experience with these chain partners – combined with our natural curiosity – has led to quite some technical insight on the part of the construction lawyers of PlasBossinade. Therefore you no longer have to explain the system of the Standard Building Specifications for residential and commercial property or for groundwork, road and hydraulic engineering, neither do you need to explain the difference between a hole or a notch nor the function of a ground-displacing pile. For that reason construction lawyers of PlasBossinade are able to get down to business more quickly. They are eager to know the ins and outs of the matter. If the situation allows them to do so they like to be there right on the spot with you, because a problem for that matter is not made of paper.

Sharing knowledge

A construction process without impediments is highly beneficial to you. Therefore PlasBossinade prefers to help you solve problems even before they have arisen. We do so in various ways. By training your employees, for example, to deal with requests for additional work, and so to stifle problems at birth.
Or by checking the administrative conditions of specifications, assisting with  meetings (on construction or otherwise) or by facilitating construction mediation.
To put it briefly: a construction lawyer of PlasBossinade often and preferably works back-stage. But if legal proceedings are inevitable, they will conduct them for you with no holds barred.