Good agreements are a necessity.

To simply believe or trust that an oral or written arrangement will be met is in these present days not a very solid basis to do business. Increasing legal intervention, professionalization and the growing tendency of companies to operate across national boundaries demand that agreements are properly laid down.

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The lawyers of PlasBossinade assist clients in industry, trade, services, the authorities and other sectors with drafting, judging, fulfilling and terminating all sorts of contracts. Apart from that we draw up general conditions for you or we advise you on general conditions that are already at hand.

Clear contract wording

The experience of our lawyers in conducting legal proceedings helps us to remain sharp and to word things clearly when we draw up a contract for you and to take a possible division of the burden of proof into account if un-hoped for future legal proceedings may be at issue. Should there be any dispute about a contract, PlasBossinade advises you about the solution and the lawyers, if need be, conduct legal proceedings with no holds barred.

International contracts

For contracts that involve your business activities abroad please refer to the focus area International trade.

At PlasBossinade the lawyers in the field of contract law work closely together with the civil-law notaries and business consultants.