Family and estate

In a lifetime …

a lot of things happen that call for proper legal arrangements. It starts with the birth of a child and it ends upon death. In between a lot of things may happen, such as a marriage, the setting up of a business or a divorce. The specialists of PlasBossinade advise on these matters so that they can be properly settled. And should any problems arise after all, they help you to solve them. Through negotiations, through mediation or by taking the matter to court. PlasBossinade disposes of lawyers, tax lawyers, company consultants and civil-law notaries in the field of the law of persons and family law.

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Family affairs and assets from the beginning to the end

The specialists of PlasBossinade can advise you during the various stages in your life. The aspects are mentioned hereafter in a timeline.


  • Acknowledgment
  • Custody
  • Adoption and step-parent adoption

Relation and forms of cohabitation

  • When we are going to live together, do we need to conclude a cohabitation contract?
  • What are the differences between cohabitation, marriage and registered partnership?
  • Is it sensible to draw up a prenuptial agreement?
  • What does a community of property imply?

Adjusting the form of cohabitation

  • One of the partners starts an enterprise or
  • one of the partners falls ill

Termination of the relationship

  • Parenthood scheme
  • Co-parenthood, main residence, arrangements for contact and care
  • Child maintenance
  • Partner’s maintenance
  • Division of the community of property
  • Settling the prenuptial agreement, for example by means of a set off clause
  • Division/equalization of pensions

Transfer enterprise

  • How do I arrange for my child to succeed me?


  • What can I arrange for in my will?
  • What if a dispute arises about the inheritance?

The tax lawyers, business accountants, civil-law notaries and the lawyers in the field of the law of persons and family law of PlasBossinade provide you with expert advice on such questions. They join you in your deliberation about the arrangements to be made for your children, your estate or your enterprise. Our specialists gladly assist you in protecting your estate against business creditors and on behalf of yourself, your family and/or your successors.

Should a dispute arise (for example in the event of divorce or about an inheritance) the lawyers of PlasBossinade will assist you with the settlement. They have broad experience and if required they work together with our business consultants or your accountant. This  can be done by means of:

  • mediation by our experienced mediators;
  • negotiations with the other party or parties;
  • and if this should fail by taking the matter to court.