Financial law

PlasBossinade well up in financial law

Where money is requested for the financing of certain activities or where money is invested generally the rules apply that have been laid down in the Financial Supervision Act [Wet op het financieel toezicht] and connecting legislation. PlasBossinade is well up in this field of law and advises and conducts legal proceedings on a large variety of cases that are touching financial law.

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What may come up in respect of financial law is an advice on prospectuses when securities are issued for the financing of certain business activities, the structuring of financing, the handling of disputes regarding asset management or investment advice, matters on interest rate swaps, derivatives, options or other aspects that may play a role in the relationship with a bank or financial organization. Our services are also rendered with regard to issues on regulatory compliance that apply to parties who are active in the financial sector, such as insurers, intermediaries and other financial organizations. 

Cooperation with tax lawyers and business consultants

Because of the inseparable link between matters pertaining to taxes and matters pertaining to finances there is a close cooperation with the tax lawyers and the business consultants of PlasBossinade. Apart from that good relationships exist with external advisors specialized in financial services.