Intellectual property/ICT/media

Legal worries on intellectual creations

The subject area Intellectual property, ICT and media is varied. Our lawyers can answer questions such as:

  • Is it necessary and desirable that you protect your company name and your product or service?
  • What are you allowed to write about a competitor and what is forbidden?
  • Which rules must be played by in the event of comparative advertising?
  • When choosing or implementing a new software package, how do you avoid problems?
  • To what extent are you allowed to imitate the product of someone else?
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Intellectual Property

In the current competitive world trademarks, trade names, copy rights and other intellectual property rights are of increasing importance to enterprises in various branches, because  enterprises invest a lot of time, energy and money in a good name and/or distinctive product and rightfully wish to protect it.

Whether one considers an architect, an interior builder or a producer of a consumer good wanting to protect his copy rights, or  a design or an inventor of an industrial product, knowledge of rights and duties and making proper and timely arrangements in that respect is of equal importance to all. The specialists of PlasBossinade gladly assist you in drafting and negotiating various agreements (for example license contracts, transfer contracts and distribution contracts). If necessary they are also ready to enforce, in and out of court, the discontinuation of an infringement and a compensation of the loss.


To a large extent companies have become dependent on technology and IT.

Choosing a new software package and having it implemented, either or not in the cloud, in practice unfortunately quite often seems to result in huge problems. Problems that in most cases can be prevented by engaging a specialist lawyer at the early negotiating phase. PlasBossinade is gladly of service to you with its broad knowledge and experience in the computerization process, in the preparation and in the contract stage as well as in conflict situations.


What are you allowed to write about a competitor and what is forbidden? Which rules must be played by in the event of comparative advertising. Those who are not acquainted with these matters will find it quite difficult to draw a clearly distinct line regarding these questions. On the one hand it touches the freedom of expression and on the other hand the right to be safeguarded from wrong accusations that may cause large and lengthy damage. With its knowledge and experience in this field the team of PlasBossinade gladly advises you.