International trade

Crossing the border, also legally

The Dutch corporate sector has always been considerably international in scope. Import and  export, distribution, dealership, franchise, agency, you name it. It may seem similar to doing business in the Netherlands, yet knowledge of and experience with the legal aspects of international business is indispensable to prevent unpleasant or even harmful consequences. That knowledge and experience is at hand at PlasBossinade.

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International business activities

PlasBossinade advises about the legal aspects of international issues, draws up international contracts or judges those contracts and assists clients in the event of an international dispute. All for the purpose to have your international affairs run as smoothly as possible.

Think of issues such as:

  • What must be considered in an international contract?
  • What do the terms in an international contract mean?
  • Is it possible and/or sensible to let the contract be governed by Dutch law?
  • Are general conditions (or declaring them applicable) subject to the same rules in the Netherlands and abroad?
  • In what manner are possible disputes settled: by the court or by means of arbitration? And where?
  • Are there European rules and/or international regulations you must take into account (for example the EEX Regulation with rules about the competent court, or the Vienna Sales Convention with substantive rules about international purchase agreements)?
  • What about rules with regard to securing free competition?

In addition to its regular international networks PlasBossinade maintains good relationships with various foreing lawyers’ offices.

Foreign enterprises in the Netherlands

It is a matter of course that PlasBossinade also assists foreign enterprises with business activities in the Netherlands. Think of the conclusion of a contract with a Dutch business partner, the setting up of a business location in the Netherlands or the takeover of a Dutch enterprise.