Education law, a special profession

A child that is suspended from school or a pupil that is given a primary school’s  advice other than expected by the parents. In former days parents accepted the authority of the teacher, these days they go to court. An outstanding example of  education law. But PlasBossinade also counts to this field problems regarding employment relationships in education, disputes on funding and participation contracts with educational institutes. Even procurement law knows separate rules for educational institutes.

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Knowledge of developments in the field of education

The lawyers of PlasBossinade have become specialists in the field of education law. For years on end PlasBossinade has been acting for various clients in primary and secondary education, upper vocational secondary education (MBO), institutes for higher professional education (HBO), university education and special education. PlasBossinade not only has broad knowledge on the laws that may apply to educational institutes (regardless whether procurement law is at issue, or corporate law, administrative law or liability), but apart from that – and we find that just as important – we have affinity with education and knowledge of the most recent developments in the branch.