Dismissal and reorganization

Employement law is rapidly changing

There have been significant changes in employment law these last few years. New changes are already on the horizon. Think of changes in the arrangements about dismissal and social security. And also, for example, of the recently introduced income standardization law (Wet Normering Topinkomens). Quite a complicated law, which leads to a lot of disputes and headaches. Issues regarding an employee who, sometimes for a prolonged period, is unfit for work, remain complicated, both in view of the relationship employer-employee and in relation to UWV (Employee Insurance Schemes Implementing Body).

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The necessity of deploying a legal advisor on time

Because the field of employment law has meanwhile been littered with mines the assistance of a lawyer specialized in employment law is an absolute necessity. Timely deploying an advisor may prevent unnecessary problems.

Employment law and public servants law

PlasBossinade disposes of specialists who are involved with all various parts of employment law. Think of dismissal proceedings, drafting employment contracts and termination agreements, reorganizations and matters pertaining to employee participation. Two lawyers are moreover specialized in public servants law.

Preventing legal proceedings

Legal proceedings are conducted if need be, but an amicable settlement is at all times preferred. After all, you will gain from preventing legal proceedings and from playing a part yourself in deciding how an existing problem must be solved. Our lawyers may be considered to be experienced and thorough negotiators. Knowledge of the law, a proper estimation of the legal position of the client, a correct presentation of the facts and a certain amount of flair and self-confidence play an important role within the scope of these negotiations.