Public Authorities and institutions

More than administrative law

In your professional public institution the necessary legal knowledge and experience is at hand, because administrative law is also one of the aspecs of your profession. But sometimes problems become just a little too large to handle. Or you are drifting into areas of law that do not belong, fortunately, to your daily routine: State aid? Disputes in the field of procurement? Drafting or terminating PPP-contracts? Expropriations? Complex permit procedures?

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PlasBossinade has attention for (semi)public authorities

At PlasBossinade special attention is given to (semi)public authorities. PlasBossinade has been acting for years as lawyer or legal advisor for (semi)public authorities. The lawyers of PlasBossinade for that reason dispose of broad legal knowledge and experience in their field of law. But they also have a lot of affinity with advising and decision-making in a political administrative area.

PlasBossinade always aims at solutions

If there are no other options PlasBossinade conducts legal proceedings on your behalf up to the highest court. But preferably we search for solutions together with you, because we are more keen on avoiding legal proceedings with their tendency to drag on. PlasBossinade also gladly acts as legal coach or sparring partner for your legally trained employees.