PlasBossinade puts forth an effort for amateur and top sports

PlasBossinade disposes of experts in the field of sports law. These lawyers engage in the legal aspects regarding the organization and practice of amateur and professional sports.

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Involvement with sports

Several lawyers of PlasBossinade are all largely involved in the world of amateur and professional sports. Apart from that lawyers that engage in sports law have all held (or are still holding) administrative functions in sponsor organizations and in professional and amateur sports organizations. For that reason they know the world of sports from the perspective of sportsmen, enterprises, sponsors, volunteers, organizations and directors.

PlasBossinade likes clarity, fair play, it is sporty, experienced and competent. All these characteristics come in useful in sports’ law.

Close cooperation

Because of the various fields of law that play a role in sports law the lawyers of PlasBossinade closely cooperate with the lawyers in the field of corporate law (in view of association law and foundation law), employment law and liability law (in view of liability in case of injury and directors’ liability).

PlasBossinade has specific expertise with regard to rules pertaining to sports and in  arbitration and disciplinary procedures.