Criminal law

Criminal law

A suspicion of fraud or of any other offence has a considerable impact on your company or yourself. The developments follow each other in rapid succession, while in the mean time you are pressed hard. You will have quite a few questions, which you would like to see answered as quickly as possible. The people of PlasBossinade are ready to assist and advise you. We are specialized in providing legal assistance in the field of  economic and tax criminal law and environmental criminal law and apart from that we have a lot of experience in terms of fraud investigation. Examples are tax fraud, money laundering, insider trading, bribery, corruption and bankruptcy fraud.

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Tax criminal law and fraud

The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) may investigate for the Tax Office as well as the  Public Prosecution Service, for example if it is suspected that you provided the Tax Office with incorrect information or did not properly keep your administration. These investigations may lead to tax assessments, but also (and often at the same time) to criminal prosecution. Should the FIOD pay you an unexpected visit, you shall want to know where you stand as quickly as possible. Wherever possible the lawyers of PlasBossinade can reach a rapid solution with both the Tax Office and the Public Prosecution Service by actively consulting with the FIOD. Should your case, un-hoped for, become subject to a criminal or tax hearing, you may expect from us expert and experienced legal assistance.

Environmental criminal law

Environmental criminal law covers a large area. An example is acting in conflict with the permit regulations that apply to your company. But also disregarding the Flora and Fauna Act or the Soil Protection Act [Wet Bodembescherming] may lead to criminal prosecution, seizure and possibly a forced discontinuation of your company. The mere threat of it may cause great harm (also in terms of publicity). Because of their  knowledge of administrative and criminal law the lawyers of PlasBossinade can be of service to you quickly and accurately. Apart from that the lawyers of PlasBossinade can advise you about the prevention of or the dealing with the publicity that sometimes goes hand in hand with these affairs.

Economic and financial criminal law

The Economic Offence Act [Wet economische delicten] contains a growing number of stipulations by which  numerous activities that are consciously or unconsciously performed by companies in the hectic daily life are declared punishable. Particularly in the sector of financial services the norms have been tightened and a violation of these norms more often than not involves criminal prosecution or the threat of it. An example is not possessing a permit pursuant to the Financial Supervision Act [Wet financieel toezicht] while acting as an insurance agent with power of attorney, possessing an incomplete permit, or deranging from the conditions set by the permit. Should you in this respect be confronted with an action of the authorities, it is good to know that at PlasBossinade there are lawyers who know what you can do. Or better refrain from doing.