Permits and the environment

Rules have reasons

The Netherlands have an enormous number of rules in the field of administrative law. Rules on subjects such as nature and environment, waste, soil pollution, public order and safety have extensively been provided for. Those rules have reasons. We live in one of the world’s most densely populated areas. A lot of rules meanwhile have been imposed by ‘Europe’, for example in respect of air and water quality or the protection of rare plants and animal life.

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A scattergun approach is no longer effective

Project developers and other entrepreneurs regularly are faced with procedures of neighbors, interest groups or competitors. Or with public authorities that sometimes take a long time or even too much time for their decision-making. More and more often the public authorities impose stiff fines, for example pursuant to the working conditions legislation.

Civilians and interest groups have a vast number of possibilities to conduct legal proceedings against decisions taken by the public authorities. A scattergun approach is no longer effective. It is important to put forward the proper arguments in the proper proceedings.

Administrative law

Administrative law covers the laws that are applied by the public authorities in the exercise of their public task. These include physical environment law (zoning plans, physical environment permits, loss resulting from government planning decisions), environmental law (permits, waste, soil pollution, nature conservation and energy law as well as the economic administrative law (subsidies, import and export licenses).

PlasBossinade sees to it that you know where you stand

The lawyers of PlasBossinade are well up in this mass of regulations and procedures. They know that you are not exactly keen on long-term proceedings and that you want to know where you stand instead. Their advice is aimed at that. Because they regularly act on behalf of the public authorities, they are well aware of the manner in which things are organized and moreover they have affinity with the political administrative environment.