Care and health

Quality of care is number one

To guarantee the quality of care and a healthy operational management care providers and care institutions must comply with complex rules and regulations that are moreover adjusted rather often.

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Many aspects

The care sector has many aspects that must be taken into account by care providers and care institutions. Apart from providing care you must more and more act as a regular competitive enterprise. You are facing a lot of issues: financing of care, purchase, procurement, real estate, personnel matters and employee participation and so on and so on. You are encountering many players: the authorities, the care insurers, the care administration office, the Dutch Healthcare Authority (Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit), suppliers, partnerships (of specialists or otherwise), labor unions and so on. Our specialists in the field of Care and Health are able to assist you in all these aspects.

Sound recording of arrangements

In order to have your organization run like a well-oiled machine the essential thing is that arrangements reached are clear to all those involved. Should a dispute arise about the arrangements between the parties, the lawyers of PlasBossinade have a broad experience in mediating between parties and assisting parties in a dispute.

Cooperating: Thinking in terms of possibilities

On the one hand the legislator is stimulating you to concentrate the care and to enter into cooperations. On the other hand you are also facing the Authority Consumer and Market (ACM), which is not always unequivocal as far as cooperation and concentration of care is concerned. In those cases our lawyers in the field of competition law are your sparring partners. They do of course point out the risks to you, yet they keep thinking in terms of possibilities. If you know where you stand, you are able to make better choices and you are more certain of your future.