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Blockchain is seen by many as the largest technological innovation since the emergence of internet. Briefly, Blockchain is a public digital ledger which is distributed over computers worldwide and owned by no one. Blockchain offers entrepreneurs opportunities to carry out economic activities which were previously not possible. The applications of blockchain technology require a legal framework. In this regard the blockchain team of PlasBossinade can be of service to you.

What are the questions the blockchain team can help you with?

The blockchain team helps you with questions about the legal aspects of blockchain applications. Think for example of the assistance we can provide with regard to an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the tax aspects in relation to crypto coins and our assistance with and control of new blockchain applications.

Initial Coin Offering

An ICO is a popular contemporary manner to finance a blockchain.  By issuing their own crypto coins companies raise money to realize their purposes. Because there is no specific legal framework for ICO’s, the characteristics of the tokens issued are a determining factor in the assessment as to which law ICO’s are subject. The blockchain team of PlasBossinade can give legal guidance to companies that intend to attract financing with the aid of an ICO.

Crypto currency

Many Dutch people meanwhile possess crypto coins. From a tax point of view it is of importance that in principle the property of crypto coins falls in box 3, whereas box 1 is applicable if trade is conducted with the use of those crypto coins. This has not yet crystallized under tax law and for that reason there is room for discussion with regard to the (popular) trade with the use of crypto coins. The implication that the property of crypto coins is subject to tax principles may give rise to disputes with the Tax and Customs Administration.

Compliance blockchain application

If there are new blockchain applications we can perform a legal analysis for you. We then check whether the application complies with the rules and regulations. If you wish us to so we will map out the legal framework for you. We will discuss with you how laws and regulations can be applied, so that the blockchain application meets the relevant legal requirements.


Are you looking for a lawyer who is specialized in the legal aspects of blockchain? Lawyer Leen Hooites of the PlasBossinade blockchain team is ready to be of service to you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to see what we can do for you specifically.