The services of PlasBossinade reach beyond the borders of The Netherlands. Many of our clients also do business abroad or are otherwise dealing with jurisdictions of other countries. PlasBossinade also provides services for foreign clients who are involved in legal matters in The Netherlands.

Long-standing partner in Germany

Because the Northern regions of The Netherlands and Germany have a lot in common and are dealing with each other frequently, also in a legal way, PlasBossinade has a long-standing cooperation with the firm Von Einem & Partner in Bremen. Lawyers and civil-law notaries of either firm are being engaged by the other firm for matters taking place in the jurisdiction of the other country. A good professional and personal relationship exists between the lawyers and civil-law notaries of both firms.

Cooperation ‘China Business’

Specifically in the field of ‘China Business’ in The Netherlands, PlasBossinade and Li China Service have joined their forces. The alliance between PlasBossinade and Li China Service offers legal and tax services to Dutch and Chinese companies which are involved in ‘China Business’ in The Netherlands. Various Dutch companies have business relationships with Chinese companies. Also more and more Chinese companies are interested in taking over a company in The Netherlands or starting such a company themselves.

Member global network

PlasBossinade is a member of a leading worldwide network of independent lawfirms: The International Lawyers Network. More than 90 lawfirms in over 67 countries on 6 continents, employing more than 5.000 lawyers in total, are a member of this network. The firms that are a member of this network are reputable firms in their own jurisdiction and offer high level services. This means that clients of PlasBossinade have direct access through our firm to respected and experienced local lawyers in many countries.

Also outside the existing international alliances PlasBossinade has various contacts with other foreign firms in and outside Europe.