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Agri / Food

The food industry is heavily regulated. Not only by Dutch laws, but more and more by European rules and regulations. This does not merely apply to the primary food supply chains (agriculture, horticulture, fishery and mineral resources), but also to the processing industry, the import and export and of course the retail sector.

The agricultural sector

Frequent in the agricultural sector are issues about company succession and disputes in the family. This demands a tackling by lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax-lawyers with specific knowledge of and experience with the agricultural sector.

In the agricultural sector questions or disputes may arise about land lease, an area in which the real estate lawyers of PlasBossinade are well up.

Food industry

PlasBossinade has a lot of experience with questions about the manner in which enterprises  can and may cooperate and with solving possible disputes.

Purchase and delivery

The chain from purchase to sale in the food industry demands a specific focus on food safety. This requires stipulations that are appropriate and, more particularly, aimed at your concrete situation in purchase- or delivery contracts or in general conditions. Advice in this respect and drawing up concrete stipulations is our daily work.

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