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Constitutional law

Are you looking for a firm of lawyers focussing on constitutional law? Then at PlasBossinade you are at the right place. Browse below and discover what we can do for you.

Constitutional law regulates for instance the organization of municipalities (in the Municipalities Act) and provinces (in the Provinces Act). What may be done by the municipal council and which aspects are dealt with by mayor and aldermen? And what about powers of civil servants to make commitments or to conclude agreements? Are they authorized, empowered or mandated to deal with the topics brought forward by you? Or what about the openness of government? Are municipal council meetings always open to the public? Which documents fall under the Government Information Act (Wob)?

Competence of organizations

In their government practice group the lawyers at PlasBossinade often give advice about issues in the field of constitutional law. Usually this is about municipal or provincial organizations and competency.

  • What may be dealt with by a municipality and what may be not?
  • And what about delegation and mandate? Is the civil servant or administrator with whom you are speaking actually authorized?
  • Is it allowed to mayor and aldermen to impose confidentiality upon the municipal council and if so, what does this mean for requests based on the Government Information Act?

Also related to constitutional law are matters in the field of public order (closing of coffee shops or dwellings because of hemp cultivation) or whether or not demonstrations must be prohibited.

The lawyers at PlasBossinade mainly engage in practical constitutional law. They do not like theoretical reflections and will give you a concrete answer to your concrete question. What is allowed and what is not? And if it is not allowed, what are the alternatives?

PlasBossinade can advise you about all aspects of constitutional law. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the specialized lawyers of PlasBossinade.

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