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Corporate law

As an entrepreneur you want to primarily focus on business practice, yet you will encounter a lot of various aspects. And it is highly advisable that all these aspects are adequately dealt with. It begins with the choice of legal form if you want to start your own company. Moreover, what about, for example, the proper financing, housing, permits and personnel. The choices and arrangements you make are of the utmost importance. The specialists of PlasBossinade advise you on all this and provide you with the support you need to enable your business to run smoothly. Should legal problems occur after all, they will help you to solve them. PlasBossinade has lawyers, tax lawyers, business consultants, senior and junior civil-law notaries who can advise entrepreneurs during the various stadia of entrepreneurship.

What will you come across on your entrepreneurial path?

  • Incorporation/legal form
  • Financing
  • Tax matters
  • Insurances
  • Corporate Governance
  • Collaboration between stakeholders
  • Disputes between stakeholders
  • General conditions
  • Housing (rent, purchase, building)
  • Permits (building permit, environmental permit
  • Personnel (employment agreements, collective bargaining agreement)
  • Intellectual property ((trademarks, models, patents)
  • Concluding agreements
  • Expansion
  • Restructuring
  • International matters
  • Reorganization
  • Financial problems/liquidation
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Relation business-private (prenuptial and antenuptial agreement, last will, divorce)

The people of PlasBossinade support and advise you during every stage of your entrepreneurship.

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