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Employment law and dismissal

Are you looking for a law firm that focuses on employment law or dismissal law? At PlasBossinade you are at the right place for specialized lawyers. Discover what we can do for you.

In the past few years employment law has radically changed. New changes are already on the horizon, for example the Income Standardization Law [Wet Normering Topinkomens]. A very complex rule, which leads to a lot of disputes and headaches. Also the problems around the long-term disabled employee still lead to complex issues concerning the relation employer-employee as well as the relation to the UWV [Employee Insurance Schemes Implementing Body].

Engage an employment lawyer on time

Because of all this a minefield has arisen and for that reason the assistance of a specialist in the field of employment law is an absolute necessity. Engaging an advisor at an early stage may prevent unnecessary problems.

Employment law and public servants law

Lawyers who work at PlasBossinade are involved with all various parts of employment law. For example dismissal proceedings, redundancy schemes, redundancy payments, drafting employment agreements, reorganizations and matters pertaining to employee participation. Two lawyers are moreover specialized in public servants law.

Preventing legal proceedings

Legal proceedings are conducted if need be, but until then it will be tried to achieve an amicable settlement. After all, it will be to your benefit if legal proceedings can be avoided and if you yourself  can play a part in deciding how an existing conflict must be solved. Our lawyers can be considered to be experienced and thorough negotiators. Knowledge of the law, a proper estimation of the legal position of the client, a correct presentation of the facts and a certain degree of flair and self-confidence play an important role within the scope of these negotiations.

Are you looking for a lawyer who is specialized in employment law and/or dismissal law? PlasBossinade has lawyers who have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of employment law and dismissal law; they are ready to render their services to you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to see what we can do for you specifically.

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