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Environmental law

Environmental law is about the design and structure of the environment and actually covers quite a few aspects. Environmental law includes all decisions, permits and exemptions which may be required for activities in the environment. These activities can consist of the construction of a house or a residential area, or a road, a highway, a factory, a wind farm or a bio-digester.

Zoning plan and environmental permits

Anyone who wishes to build something in the Netherlands will be faced with the zoning plan. For practically every square meter in the Netherlands there is a zoning plan, saying what is allowed and what is forbidden to be built specifically in that area (the level and building space) or for which  purpose this can or cannot be used (housing, care, companies, catering sector et cetera). So anyone who wants to build must have a very good look into the zoning plan. Apart from that many other permits will be required as well, for example with a view to fire safety, nature protection, room rent or cultural monuments.

All these rules – and a lot more – fall under the environmental law. The lawyers at PlasBossinade advise you about the question which permits will be required. What if a certain permit is refused? Then the lawyers at PlasBossinade know what you must do in order to obtain that permit nevertheless, preferably without legal proceedings. What if a permit is granted for an activity you totally disagree with? Then the lawyers at PlasBossinade, in consultation with you, will submit an objection.

All sides of the table

In the environmental law PlasBossinade acts for permit-granting authorities, permit holders (companies and institutions) and objectors (residents or interest groups) as well. Therefore they always understand the interests and positions of all parties in environmental disputes. Our lawyers have a good feel for political circumstances. They realize that a lot of decisions in the field of environmental law are made by virtue of political and governmental considerations. The ‘legal components’ are not always the most determining factors. In their work our lawyers explicitly take into account those aspects of a case which are not primarily of a legal nature. The result is what counts.

Lawyer environmental law

Are you looking for a lawyer specialized in environmental law? The lawyers at PlasBossinade in this field have a great deal of knowledge and a wide experience in environmental law. They are ready to provide their services to you. Contact us and discover what we can do for you.

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