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Health law

Are you looking for a firm of lawyers and civil-law notaries that focuses on tax law? At PlasBossinade you are at the right place for specialized lawyers. Discover what we can do for you. People live longer and this means that our needs and wishes change when it is about healthcare. Healthcare is becoming more complex and more expensive and problems in the healthcare are made visible because of media attention. Rules and regulations are keeping pace with the developments. Which rules are applicable to you or your organization? PlasBossinade has the legal knowledge and experience in house to advise patients, health care providers and the various occupational groups (health care workers) in legal proceedings.

Well-known player in the healthcare

Traditionally PlasBossinade has strong ties with the healthcare sector. It is with pride that we may reckon a lot of large, mid-large and smaller healthcare institutions to our standard clientele, ranging from hospital, home care agency, dental practice and mental health care association.

Knowledge of health care legislation

The specialists of PlasBossinade know the ins and outs within the medical sector. They keep themselves continuously informed about the developments in the health care rules and regulations. This is also necessary, because health care law is continuously in motion.

Within health care there are many legal areas

Healthcare law is an extensive legal area that amongst other things covers the rights and duties of  care recipients (patients, clients and representatives) and care providers.

The healthcare sector is governed by many different areas of law. Company law (a partnership of medical practitioners,  group practices, mergers and take overs and governance et cetera), real estate law, liability law, disciplinary rules, insurance law, employment law and administrative law for example play a major role within the healthcare sector. At PlasBossinade you will find experts in all these legal areas.

Our health care specialists regularly advise about the following topics:

  • Pharmaceutical legislation
  • Medical Treatment Agreement Act
  • Medical liability
  • Registration of individual healthcare professions (BIG registration)      

Health law

Are you looking for a lawyer who is specialized in healthcare law or in one of the other legal areas that are relevant in the healthcare sector? PlasBossinade has lawyers and civil-law notaries who have a thorough knowledge and broad experience in the medical world: they are ready to be of service to you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to see what we can do for you specifically.

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