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Should you wish to recover damages from someone or should you be the one who is faced with a party that holds you liable, you will need specialists who are able to estimate your possibilities and risks swiftly and with professional competence. The specialists of PlasBossinade offer you the legal expertise you require as well as knowledge in the field of assessment of damages and taxation. This unique combination gives you an advantage over the opposing party and it provides you with a quick and clear insight in the legal possibilities and impossibilities.


In the field of liability law the lawyers of PlasBossinade deal with the following specific subjects:

  • company liability (including liability for employees);
  • professional liability (faults of civil-law notaries, accountants, tax-experts, medical practitioners, lawyers, intermediaries and such in respect of their relations);
  • government liability;
  • environmental impairment liability (including hindrance, soil pollution, environmental affairs);
  • directors’ liability (personal liability of directors of legal entities for debts of the entity);
  • employers’ liability;
  • unlawful press publications.


Damages attempt to measure in financial terms the extent of harm you may have suffered because of someone else’s actions. In assessing these damages our lawyers and (internal and external) business consultants work closely together. The business consultants are specialized in drawing up tailor-made assessments of damages for each case and work closely together when needed with the tax attorneys of PlasBossinade.  A method that clearly has an additional value for clients. Not only will you receive an answer to the question about the amount of damages that may possibly be recovered, but also how in your specific situation these damages must be assessed.


PlasBossinade has expertise in the field of disputes on insurances. Is a claim well-founded or not? Should the insurer pay pursuant to the policy conditions, or is it precisely this loss or damage that is excluded from coverage? We have a broad experience in disputes ranging from fire and liability insurances to occupational disability and life Insurance.

Combination of theory and practice

The lawyers of PlasBossinade regularly take care of courses for colleagues and they also take care of publications in reputable professional journals and magazines. You can engage the people of PlasBossinade for a specific case, but also for in-house courses or on-location courses. This suits our approach. Thoroughly grounded in theory and a practical attitude.

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