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Mergers and takeovers

PlasBossinade has at its disposal a team of lawyers and civil-law notaries who are well equipped to provide you with legal guidance in relation to your Enterprise.


Selling or buying an enterprise is a complex transaction. It could go smoothly, but this is not always the case. Emotions could also play a role. The legal guidance is in line with the desired results. In whatever way the procedure is going, the lawyers and civil-law notaries of PlasBossinade ensure that the ultimate objective is achieved, irrespective whether it concerns a merger, a participation or a joint venture. Our lawyers and civil-law notaries are committed from the moment the first intentions and confidentiality are laid down up until the due diligence that must be carried out. After that we take care of the legal structure (shares or assets) and the contractual finalization (including takeover, participation or joint venture agreements). After the takeover has been completed the lawyers and civil-law notaries of PlasBossinade draft the shareholders agreements and the management agreements that are required.


In a merger enterprises or organizations merge on the basis of (more or less) equal terms. Therefore in comparison with a takeover a merger has other aspects that are also of importance. This does not exactly make things less complex. The future of the merger must be arranged properly. Moreover in a legal sense a merger can have various forms (a legal merger, a share merger or an administrative merger). The specialized lawyers and civil-law notaries of PlasBossinade gladly use their knowledge and experience in this field to help you herewith.

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