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A permit is a decision in which a public authority grants its permission for a certain activity to be carried out, whereas carrying out that activity is in principle forbidden. In legislation it is laid down which conditions must be met by the applicant in order to obtain the permit.

In the phase prior to the decision of the public authority regarding the application for a permit the administrative lawyer assist public authorities and private individuals. This also applies to legal proceedings about permits to be either granted or rejected. 

Planning permit

The most frequent and most well-known permit is the planning permit. This permit is needed for building a house, setting up an establishment or a mining structure, changing a monument or using grounds contrary to the zoning plan.

Apart from that quite a few other activities require a permit as well, such as, for instance, activities relating to the catering sector, the use of a mooring place for a houseboat and tree felling.

Advising and conducting proceedings about the issue of permits

The administrative lawyers at PlasBossinade have a wide experience with the manner in which in a political-administrative environment advice is provided and decisions are made. This enables them to successfully assist public authorities with regard to their granting or rejecting a permit and private individuals and companies in need of a permit.

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