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Personal injury law

Should you have been injured through the actions of someone else, the experienced and specialized lawyers of PlasBossinade gladly take the unpleasant work off your hands, so that you can fully concentrate on your recovery. Whether it is about holding liable the one who caused the injury, or quickly arranging for advance payments, or negotiating with the person responsible (or his insurer) about compensation or conducting legal proceedings in order to achieve what is aimed at.

Having your own assessor of damages is highly advantageous

Contrary to many (personal injury) firms PlasBossinade employs its own assessor of damages, who assists the lawyers when they claim damages for the loss you are sustaining because you have become, either or not temporarily, unfit for work.

Therefore the lawyers of PlasBossinade are able to bring extremely complex actions for damages (for example on behalf of entrepreneurs) to a good end, with a proper substantiation and without being dependent on other experts.

Power and empathy

If you have suffered an injury or if one of your loved ones has died because of a traffic accident or an accident at work you are facing a lot of things that must be dealt with. A powerful and empathetic representative assists you with the claim for damages, so that you do not have to worry about the financial consequences on top of everything else. Our lawyers gladly give you swift and sound advice on the feasibility of the case.

Costs personal injury lawyer?

In many cases the costs involved when you engage lawyers at PlasBossinade can be fully recovered from the liable party. This applies in the event that a case can be settled in consultation with the insurer and also in the event that the case must be brought to court. A first talk moreover is always free of charge.

Loss sustained by employers: right of recourse for wages

For a lot of clients we take care of the recovery of damages for the loss sustained by the enterprise as a result of the occupational disability of an employee who has been personally injured. The legislator has explicitly stipulated the possibilities of a recovery of damages from the part of the employers. Just ask us what the possibilities are.

Association Personal Injury Lawyers

PlasBossinade has specialized personal injury lawyers. Not every lawyer may call himself a Personal Injury Lawyer (LSA Letselschade Advocaat). Only members of the Vereniging LSA (Letselschade Advocaten) who completed the specialized post-graduate Grotius course in personal injury are allowed to do so.

Personal injury lawyer

Are you looking for a lawyer who is specialized in personal injury? PlasBossinade has specialists with a lot of knowledge and experience in personal injury law. They are ready to render their services to you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to see what we can do for you specifically.

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