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Real Estate law

Challenging market conditions require full commitment, proper knowledge and creativity from developers, governments, contractors, investors, corporations and other market participants. In this respect the real estate sector is confronted with new legislation that has major consequences for internal and external business operation.

Solution instead of a problem

Real Estate involves many different areas of law and you are more and more forced to also take social interests into account. This requires a comprehensive tackling of legal affairs. Such comprehensive tackling is offered by PlasBossinade and it is done with full dedication, specific knowhow and creativity. The lawyers at PlasBossinade see solutions instead of problems.

Purchase and sale

A key element in the field of real estate is the purchase of immovable property. A lot of work has been done already before the final signature is put. Talks and negotiations between parties are less noncommittal than they used to be. Parties may seem to have similar interests, yet at a later stage more often than not there may be a snag.

The lawyers and senior and junior civil-law notaries at PlasBossinade assist with the formation and/or the drawing up of the agreement. The civil-law notaries also take care of the transfer and the possible establishment of a mortgage. This prevents nasty surprises afterwards.


PlasBossinade advises and assists governments and private persons in the event of amicable acquisition of land and expropriation proceedings.

Project development

Apart from insight into the purchase of land, project development demands specialized knowledge in the fields of law pertaining to contracts, construction and contracting, town and country planning (including land exploitation and loss resulting from government planning decisions), procurement, state aid and taxation.

Drawing up a cooperation agreement (implementation agreement, development agreement or whatever it may be called) is often more complex than you may think.

Rent, lease, long-term lease and apartment right

Industrial premises, office accommodation, residential accommodation, built and un-built spaces: each knows its own legal regime and related pitfalls. Here too the rule applies that prevention is better than cure. Often just one telephone call to the specialists of PlasBossinade is sufficient to determine the course. Apart from that we advise about early termination, defects on completion or otherwise, substitutions in rental agreements, sublease and rental prices. Should it be required, we conduct legal proceedings on your behalf. In conjunction with the civil-law notaries at PlasBossinade we also advise on long-term lease, matters pertaining to land lease and apartment rights.

Real Estate lawyers and civil-law notaries

Are you looking for a lawyer or a civil-law notary who is specialized in real estate law? PlasBossinade has specialists with a lot of knowledge and experience in real estate law. They are ready to render their services to you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to see what we can do for you specifically.

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