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Fabian Keijzer

Junior civil-law notary
+31(0)50 5213921

How do we have a merger process run as smoothly as possible? Does the governance of your organization meet all rules and legislation? How can we ensure good checks and balances? What should be arranged for in the articles of association? And what should preferably be contained in a regulation or contract?

Fabian Keijzer gladly thinks along with you about these questions and other ones. It is a matter of course that the governance in your organization must be in order. But legibility is equally important: the rules you lay down in the articles of association and in regulations must be understandable. Together we will seek a wording appropriate for your organization.

Before Fabian started as a junior civil-law notary at PlasBossinade he was, among other things, employed as a lawyer by Dirkzwager in Nijmegen and as lecturer/researcher by the University of Groningen. He knows very well how to translate complex legal issues into practical solutions.

Focus at care, culture, housing corporation and education

Fabian Keijzer has a sharp focus on the healthcare sector. Apart from that he focuses on other semipublic institutes (such as cultural institutes, housing corporations and educational institutes). You can also turn to him for assistance in mergers and takeovers.


  • Notarial law, University of Groningen (2006) 
  • Vocational training legal profession (2012)

Ancillary functions

  • Guest lecturer at the University of Groningen


  • Member of Vereeniging Handelsrecht (this association aims to promote the interest in and the knowledge of commercial law and other fields of law).