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Ina Elzinga-Snoek


Tax planning and discussions with the Tax Office about tax disputes are the day to day activities of Ina Elzinga-Snoek. She feels like a fish in the water when she can dig her heels into complex matters with only one thing in mind: solving the matter constructively for the client.

Offering clarity

A tax matter practically never stands alone. More often than not there are various interests where different areas of law apply. Ina Elzinga-Snoek is able to offer clarity regarding the possibilities, chances and approach. She is no-nonsense, thinks along with you, searches actively for solutions and has an eye and an ear for you as her client.

Conducting legal proceedings

In objection proceedings against the tax authorities and legal proceedings at the court Ina Elzinga-Snoek profits from her broad notarial and tax education and her experience of many years’ standing in conducting legal proceedings. Ina Elzinga-Snoek quite regularly conducts tax proceedings in appeal on cassation before the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.


Ina Elzinga-Snoek cooperates with other professionals and offers them assistance where taxes are concerned in the field of real estate projects in public-private co-operations, restructuring of company activities, company takeovers, mergers and estate planning.


  • Tax law, University of Groningen
  • Notarial law, University of Groningen
  • European Tax Studies, Postmaster Direct Taxes


  • Member of the Dutch Association of Lawyers-Tax Experts [Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten-Belastingkundigen, NVAB]