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Jan-Ger Knot

Private international law specialist for the notaries
+31 (0) 50 521 43 33

International situations are in a legal sense often experienced as rather difficult. But if advised upon soundly they do in fact often provide opportunities instead. Whether corporate law is at issue, or your (foreign) holiday home or a matter pertaining to family law, Jan-Ger Knot, specialized in private international law (PIL) in the notarial profession, can assist you in all these aspects.

Advising and lecturing

Jan-Ger Knot has a long-standing experience in advising and lecturing in the field of private international law, at university as well as in practice. What law determines whether you are married to your German partner in community of property? Is your Dutch will also valid in Italy, where you own that splendid holiday home? How should the estate of father or mother be settled now that there is a bank account in Luxembourg? These are the sort of questions to which Jan-Ger Knot shall gladly give you the answer. 

Private international law is not an everyday occurrence

For quite a few civil-law notaries private international law is not an everyday occurrence. This field of law becomes more and more important though. Jan-Ger Knot gladly gives you prior advice, in order that future problems may be avoided. For example through drafting  wills or prenuptial or postnuptial agreements by means of a choice on the applicable law or forum. But also in the event that a cross-border dispute arises, Jan-Ger Knot shall gladly help you to find a quick and practical solution.


  • Dutch law, Private law, University of Groningen (with honours)
  • Notarial law, University of Groningen (with honours)
  • Doctorate (PhD), University of Groningen, dissertation: International Estate Administration. On the applicable law to the settlement of estates (Ars Notariatus 138; Kluwer, 2008)

Ancillary functions

  • Assistant professor private international law at the University of Groningen (www.rug.nl/staff/j.g.knot)
  • Deputy justice at the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Appeal Court (www.rechtspraak.nl)
  • Member of the general editorial board of Tijdschrift Erfrecht, a succession law magazine  (Boom Juridische uitgeverswww.bju.nl)
  • Editor of J. Kosters-series for private international law (publications in the field of private international law, uniform private law, foreign private law and comparative law in the sphere of private law)
  • Lecturer EstateTip Education (www.estatetipeducation.nl)
  • Lecturer vFAS (Association of Family lawyers and Divorce mediators), specialist course Succession law at the IMFO training institute (www.imfo.nl)
  • Lecturer Stichting Beroepsopleiding Notariaat, practical training for the notarial profession (www.ru.nl/cpo/sbn)
  • Member of the Committee of Recommendation Stichting Present Groningen (www.stichtingpresent.nl/groningen)
  • Member of the Supervisory Board VCOG (Groningen Association for Christian education) (www.vcog.nl)
  • Board member of Stichting Wijkfonds Nieuwe Kerk in Groningen (an association that gives financial support to the church community ‘Nieuwe Kerk’) (www.nieuwekerk.org)