Jan van Doorn

External financial expert

Analysing, interpreting, influencing ...

Providing insight by offering a clear financial picture. To ensure that you are well equipped and therefore able to act in complete confidence. Or have your representative act on your behalf, in legal proceedings or otherwise. Making an assessment of financial overviews that have been drawn up by others also forms part of this process.      

More than a standard accountant

Jan van Doorn analyzes and assesses financial overviews. Often from a legal line of approach. Figures tell the truth yet they may also present a wrong picture. Is the situation actually as it is presented? Knowledge, understanding and experience are required to be able to fully fathom figures and to be able to present them clearly.

More than a standard assessor of damages

Jan van Doorn thoroughly handles complex calculations of damages. Whether it involves business loss or loss of income. Also for loss of pension he is the right person to turn to. He also examines calculations of damages that have been drawn up by others. Does the image conferred tell the truth? Is the painted picture true?   

More than standard IT

When involved in the financial professionalization of organizations Jan van Doorn focuses on the systems. Is the right financial system being used? And is it used optimally?

Knowledge and experience

Jan van Doorn has a lot of experience as an advisor and as a financial manager. He advises controllers and supports them in the financial analyses and interpretation of the figures. He also advises about the application of complex company systems.


  • NIVRA [Royal Dutch Institute of Registered Accountants] Accountancy Course (RA)\

  • Post-master Information management (MIM)

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