Kees de Vries


Contract as solid basis

'We are going to co-operate. Can you provide us with a standard contract? We would like to sign tomorrow.’  The client asking these sorts of questions receives from Kees de Vries, lawyer and specialist in the field of contracts, an answer that is just as honest as it is simple: ‘No’. Before drafting a contract, or being able to draft one, Kees de Vries shall ask you why and with whom you are planning to cooperate, what this intended cooperation entails and whether you have a clear picture of the pitfalls and the slippery ground you may tread on. Only after he has turned you inside out with questions, Kees de Vries will draft for you a contract that ensures that your cooperation rests on a solid basis. The result will be a lasting contract instead of signatures tomorrow.

There is no such thing as a standard contract

Kees de Vries is a sharp-witted lawyer with a highly analytical mind. With a long-standing experience in international ship building contracts, the energy sector (development of wind farms, heat power installations) and public-private cooperation contracts such as the development of Blauwestad. Yet also a ‘simpler’ cooperation contract is a challenge for Kees de Vries each time, because there is no such thing as a standard contract.

Sharp in criminal proceedings

Apart from that every so often Kees de Vries likes to pit his strength against the Public Prosecution Office. Also in criminal proceedings a sharp analytic mind is a major requirement for achieving the maximum result. This is also an area in which Kees de Vries has won his spurs. In an illustrious fraud case of some time ago for example he represented the chief suspect, who was acquitted on all charges.


  • Informatics, Institute of Technology Enschede (1975)
  • Business economics, University of Groningen (1982, with honours)
  • Civil and criminal law, University of Groningen (1983, with honours)

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