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Koosje Looijenga-van Veen

Business consultant/ Member Management Board PlasBossinade

Koosje Looijenga is specialized in the financial professionalization of organizations. With a lot of enthusiasm she knows how to get things back on track after they have ostensibly ground to a halt, always in close cooperation with those who are directly involved. As a member of the Management Board of PlasBossinade Koosje knows what it means to be at the steering wheel of an enterprise.

Professionalizing through close cooperation

In her long-standing experience as business consultant Koosje Looijenga has fulfilled several large orders in branches such as care, non-governmental organizations and small and medium sized enterprises (MKB) for a more detailed professionalization of the organization, often in close cooperation with other expertises at PlasBossinade. Koosje Looijenga moreover has a broad experience in the field of financial research, because she works closely together with the lawyers of the insolvency law practice group. Koosje Looijenga quickly and effectively maps out the causes of a breakdown.

Transfer of knowledge

Koosje Looijenga also gladly puts in her knowledge and experience to help managers in  recognizing possible signals in their organization. She then bends these signals towards realistic aims and lasting results.

Apart from this form of transfer of knowledge Koosje Looijega very much enjoys taking care of  tailor-made trainings and coaching in the financial area.


  • Business economics, school for higher education in economics and management  [HEAO-BE]
  • Study programme registered accountant, Dutch Professional Organization of Accountants
  • General Management Programme, Ashridge Management College
  • MiniMasterprogramme, Coöperatie Fabriek

Ancillary functions

  • Various management functions, amongst which the function of treasurer (sports’ association, child care centre and cultural sector)
  • Volunteer at a residential care farm and the Northern Netherlands Orchestra [Noord Nederlands Orkest – NNO]


  • Dutch Professional Organization of Accountants (NBA)