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Leon Mathey


Since May 2017 Leon Mathey has been employed with PlasBossinade as a lawyer in the legal area of government law, specialized in environmental law. Apart from that he is engaged in matters that are related to real estate, particularly if they have aspects in the sphere of private as well as administrative law. In this respect his knowledge of both civil law and administrative law provides an added value for clients and colleagues.

Prevention is better than cure

Lawyers mostly appear on scene after a dispute between one or more parties has already materialized. Whereas Leon Mathey does not shy away from legal proceedings, he adopts the approach of advising clients at an early stage in order to avoid legal proceedings or – should an avoidance be impossible – to take care that the client seizes a first mover advantage in a legal battle. 

All sides of the table

As a jurist Leon Mathey gained experience at the court, inter alia in the field of administrative law and insolvency law. Apart from that he worked in a real estate practice group (relating to civil and administrative law) with a lawyers’ firm in Friesland. In addition to giving advice to various public authorities Leon Mathey also gladly advises entrepreneurs on a range of issues in the area of environmental law.


  • Master Dutch Law, Constitutional and administrative and Criminal law, University of Groningen (2012)


  • Member of VNO-NCW Noord (the largest business organisation in the Northern Netherlands)
  • Member of JNO (part of VNO-NCW Noord)

Ancillary functions

  • Committee Member of the Stichting Bestuursrecht Noord-Nederland (the Foundation of Administrative Law Northern Netherlands)