Lucas van der Veen

Assigned notary

Seeks practical solutions

As a family member you have rights and duties. Part of these rights and duties come into existence only after they have been laid down in a notarial deed, such as a will or a pre-nuptial agreement. Lucas van der Veen gladly advises you within this scope. He is an advisor who thinks along with you, he is creative and always seeks a practical solution.

Performs a great variety of jobs regarding family and assets

Lucas van der Veen has been working as a junior civil-law notary for over ten years and since 2015 as an assigned notary . You can turn to him for drafting up a will, a prenuptial agreement or a cohabitation agreement. He also assists you with the settlement of an estate. For example with the attestation of admissibility to the estate, the purchase of the house or the division of the estate.

Do you want to save on taxes through a flexible will or a donation to the children? Or lay down in a general power of attorney or life will who is to look after your affairs in the event of dementia, illness or accident? For these matters also Lucas van der Veen is the right man to turn to.


  • Notarial law, University of Groningen
  • Vocational training for junior civil-law notaries
  • Vocational training estate planner

Ancillary functions

Lucas van der Veen regularly gives talks about, for example, drafting a will by entrepreneurs or parents to be.

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