Rens Nijdam


Helicopter view

Rens Nijdam is a practical and solution oriented lawyer who sets high standards on the quality of his work. Key elements in his style of work are understandable language,  accessibility and clarity about chances and costs. Rens Nijdam listens, thinks along and then gives advice. The best strategy therefore is determined beforehand and not once it is too late.

Rens Nijdam held other jobs in the past, amongst which the job of Head Legal Affairs of a listed multinational. Due to his business experience he knows better than anybody what a client may expect from a lawyer.

Contract man

Rens Nijdam is particularly specialized in providing guidance in corporate transactions in a national as well as international context. He has specialist knowledge and experience on labour law-related aspects in the field of transfer of undertaking, employee participation and collective redundancies.

Apart from that he is a contract man through and through. He takes great satisfaction in drawing up and enhancing agreements. Drawing up contracts is customized work and requires creativity and language proficiency. The smallest details could for that matter lead to differences of interpretation and disputes.     


  • Dutch law, University of Groningen (2004)
  • Postgraduate course Labour law, University of Groningen (2010)

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