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Robert van der Velde


No elaborate words and no ‘yes, but’. You want to know how matters stand and you want the best solution for your problem, not only from a legal point of view, but, even more so, in a practical way. This is the line Robert van der Velde takes.

Robert van der Velde in all cases maintains the following devices:

  • Do not let a case or an advice become too extensive! What is the key issue of the dispute or the potential dispute? What is it actually about? The rest is dead weight or a smoke screen. Problems become much more manageable if they can be brought back to their right proportions: the lid is back on.
  • Communication is at least as important as the legal point. A point of view or argument must of course be legally correct, but will eventually be only  effective if it is properly communicated.

Administrative law and physical environment law

Robert van der Velde has been a specialist for over fifteen years in general administrative law and environmental law. He provides guidance in complex zoning plan and permit procedures, he acts in enforcement cases (incremental penalty payments, fines) and advises, for example, on the Public Access Act, subsidies, environmental law and the Licensing and Catering Act (Drank en Horecawetgeving).

Settlement as a first option, legal proceedings if need be

Should it be required, Robert van der Velde will conduct legal proceedings up to the Council of State, yet he prefers discussing other – often quicker – solutions.

For authorities, entrepreneurs or private persons

Robert van der Velde works for authorities, entrepreneurs and private persons. He is acquainted with the manner in which authorities work and has affinity with advising and decision-making in a political-administrative environment. Apart from that he is well aware of the manner of thinking of entrepreneurs and the involvement of private persons. Robert van der Velde is very well able to place himself in all the various roles in the administrative law process and for that reason often manages to get things arranged more quickly.


  • Dutch Law, major subjects State law, Administrative law and Economic Public law, University of Utrecht

Ancillary functions

  • Member of a grievance committee for Christian Education
  • Member of the section Administrative law and Public Administration of the University of Groningen
  • Secretary of the Owners’ Association of a service flat
  • Member of the Board of Examiners Beroepsopleiding Advocaten, Vakkamer Bestuursrecht


  • Member of the Association of Environmental Lawyers [Vereniging van Milieurechtadvocaten]
  • Member of the Association of Environmental Law [Vereniging voor Milieurecht]
  • Member of the Association of Administrative Law [Vereniging voor Bestuursrecht]
  • Member of the Netherlands Lawyers’ Organization [Nederlandse Juristenvereniging]