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Wim Entzinger


At PlasBossinade Wim Entzinger operates in the specific areas of insolvency, restructuring an sports. As a lawyer he assists companies and private persons who either have financial problems themselves or are dealing with companies and private persons who have financial problems. Apart from that Wim Entzinger is often appointed liquidator by the court in the event of liquidation or administrator in the event of moratoriums.

Warding off threats, making the most of opportunities

It is of course hard to be confronted with financial problems, which may concern either you or your business partner, yet anyone runs that risk. A risk is an uncertainty, a thread, but also an ‘opportunity’. Wim Entzinger gladly assists you to ward off threats of insolvency and to make the most of the opportunities that may then come forward.

Sports law

Another ‘field of sport’ that is practiced by Wim Entzinger is sports law. In this field he gives advice and if need be he conducts legal proceedings in matters pertaining to sports law. Sportsmen and sportswomen as well as sports organizations find their way to Wim Entzinger who as an experienced sports manager is able to advise them in word and deed.


  • Dutch law, University of Leiden
  • Insolad/Grotius specialization training Insolvency law
  • Insolad/Erasmus University Rotterdam training, Financial economics for liquidators

Ancillary functions

  • Member of Insolad (the Association of insolvency lawyers)


  • Chairman Stichting Houdstermaatschappij aandelen FC Groningen
  • Committee Member Stichting Erfgoed Harry Muskee
  • Chairman Stichting Blues and more than blues

Register of jurisdictions

Wim Entzinger has registered the following area(s) of law in the register of jurisdictions of the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA):

  • Insolvency law

This registration obliges him to achieve ten training credits per calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.