About PlasBossinade

PlasBossinade advocaten en notarissen – the link between law and reality

Plasbossinade advocaten en notarissen is one of the leading legal service providers in the Northern Netherlands. Our knowledge is concentrated in the city of Groningen. In the North PlasBossinade is the organization that has the highest number of legal experts and other advisors under one roof. We look after legal matters of a lot of large and smaller scale enterprises, authorities, institutions and private persons in the Northern Netherlands and beyond.

Your interests are our main focus

PlasBossinade has at its disposal lawyers, civil-law notaries, tax lawyers as well as business consultants. This creates the surplus value of specialist representation in many focus areas. The interests of our clients are not limited to an optimum legal result. The tax and commercial framework, including a sound balance of costs and benefits, is also of importance.  And clear, strategic and creative advice with a realistic view at the possibilities and risks. PlasBossinade offers you the link between law and reality.

Our approach

At PlasBossinade quality and thoroughness is combined with a practical and pragmatic approach. High standard but not high-flown. Solution-oriented and determined. Our clients appreciate this approach. This is expressed in long-standing relations. On this website you will find references of a number of our clients.

Sharing knowledge

We gladly share our expertise with you and we do so, for example, in seminars and lectures and by means of blogs, publications and news.

Professional organizations

Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten (Netherlands Bar Association)
All our lawyers are member of  Nederlandse Orde van advocaten (NOvA), Neuhuyskade 94, 2596 XM Den Haag, telephone number: 070 - 335 35 35, info@advocatenorde.nl.

Notariële Beroepsorganisatie (Notarial Professional Organization)
PlasBossinade is an association of PlasBossinade Advocaten N.V. and PlasBossinade Notarissen B.V.

All our civil-law notaries and junior civil-law notaries are member of the Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie (http://www.knb.nl) (KNB) 2511 BW Den Haag, telephone number 070-3307111, infor@knb.nl.

Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants (Dutch Professional Organization of Accountants)
Our business accountants are member of the Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants (http://www.nba.nl) (NBA), Antonio Vivaldistraat 2-8, 1083 HP Amsterdam, telephone number 020-3010301, nba@nba.nl. 

PlasBossinade is an association of PlasBossinade Advocaten N.V. and PlasBossinade Notarissen N.V..