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Mr Hendrik Hijlkema of Noblesse Proteins BV

Noblesse Proteins BV makes raw materials out of by-products from poultry processors for the animal (pets) feed industry. Because of a link with a neighboring company in the field of heat and waste water a large sustainability has been created, which makes the company unique in this industry.

Multi-disciplinary legal support

In various areas Noblesse avails itself of the services of PlasBossinade, because we find a multidisciplinary legal support in a professional manner of the utmost importance. A company like Noblesse does not have all legal knowledge at hand in its own management team, while there are solid questions from the part of the business operation in the fields of tax law, administrative law, corporate law and employment law.

Noblesse had the wish to operate in a market that was dominated by a company that possessed the technical monopoly for the processing of raw materials. It was to be expected that this company would lodge an appeal in legal proceedings. Upon the application for an incorporation (environmental) permit this company pulled out all the stops in the appeal proceedings. The excellent support of PlasBossinade has been a contributing factor in providing the competent authorities with sufficiently convincing information, which resulted in the overall failing of grounds for appeal lodged by the objectors with the Council of State. The permit remained in force unchained.

Expert, pro-active and involved

Noblesse strongly recommends PlasBossinade, because adequate support in various fields of business is given. We have experienced the approach as expert, pro-active and involved.