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You do of course prefer to settle disputes by mutual arrangement, regardless of the nature of the other party, which may be a commercial one, or who may be your neighbor, or a family member. A mutual arrangement will influence the relationship in a positive way and apart from that it is swift and inexpensive. In practice this often seems easier said than done. Lack of understanding, emotions or insufficient knowledge may lead to an unnecessary escalation. Our mediators will help you to prevent such a situation or to solve it.

In a pleasant setting and in a neutral area our mediators facilitate the talks between the various parties. Where required they re-start the communications, giving consideration to each party’s wishes and interests. By offering structure and quiet the parties are given a possibility to look for constructive ways to solve their problems. Under the guidance of the mediator they can from that point onwards negotiate and make mutual choices that accommodate the interests of all parties involved. Laying down and signing these choices offers clarity in the future to all parties. Particularly in complex and painful disputes Mediation may provide to the parties the back-up that is required and thus enable them to come to a mutual agreement. This will benefit all.

Experienced mediators

Our mediators are experienced lawyers. They have all attended a specialized training at the Mfn (mediation federation the Netherlands) or the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS).