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Unfortunately, earthquakes in Groningen are part of day-to-day reality. Of course all people in The Netherlands derive an advantage from gas extraction, yet the citizens of Groningen are repeatedly confronted with damage and insecurity about the consequences of the next earthquake. Naturally the legal aspects of the earthquakes are under the specific attention of PlasBossinade. The people of PlasBossinade themselves live and work in the earthquake area and for that reason are per excellence equipped to understand the problems encountered in the community. The Team Earthquakes of PlasBossinade has expertise in various fields. A special feature is that PlasBossinade also acts for a number of collectives.

A lot of citizens in Groningen say that the increasing magnitude of the tremors and the resulting damage and decline in value is without any doubt reason to stop or at least firmly reduce the gas extraction. Because of the greater power of collective effort, they unite in interest groups. Amongst others, PlasBossinade acts for a number of non-commercial organisations and a few private persons. On their behalf PlasBossinade submitted an opinion on the draft approval decision of Minister Kamp and appealed against the definite decision of January 2015.

Damage and liability

Damage resulting from earthquakes caused by gas extraction must of course be compensated for. It is no secret that this process does not always run smoothly. The liability experts of PlasBossinade are able to answer your questions as to whom you can recover the damage from (to premises  or because of injury), who must be held liable for it and how this damage must be determined in your specific situation. There are possibilities to conduct civil proceedings, but apart from that we can assist you (as your representative) at the Special Situations’ Committee [Commissie bijzondere situaties]. age and liability.

Preventive measures and building earthquake proof structures

In order to enhance security reinforcing measures are taken for all buildings in the area. For the individual owners this entails a lot of uncertainties. Which reinforcing measures are the most appropriate in your specific situation and how long does it take to implement them? This plays a role as far as houses are concerned, but also applies to industrial premises and public buildings such as schools, hospitals etcetera. When are they safe again and who is paying? PlasBossinade has gained a lot of experience in dealing with these kinds of questions and ensures that proper arrangements are made (for example recovering the extra costs from the party responsible for the earthquakes).

In relation to taxes

The tax laywers of PlasBossinade investigate earthquake-related problems and give advice in that respect. Amongst other things they advise relations about the tax consequences of:

  • compensation for material and immaterial damage;
  • declines in value, depreciations, provisions and reserves for entrepreneurs regarding personal income tax, corporate income tax and turnover tax;
  • imputed income from homeownership, the decision within the scope of the Valuation of Immovable Property Act [WOZ] and the related local levies.