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Business consults

All have their own skills. From that conviction PlasBossinade for many years has had financial specialists at its disposal. We see to it that our lawyers can picture the financial aspects of legal affairs in the best possible way.

PlasBossinade bridges the gap

You may at times have doubts whether you are sufficiently on top of such situations. Do you need support? Or do you simply want an exchange of thoughts every so often? In a practical and informal way we bridge the gap between your subject area and our financial expertise. We look afresh at each issue, we sort it out and reduce it to its crux. To enable you to get a clear picture of the relevant aspects and take proper actions from there.

You can turn to PlasBossinade for:

  • Financial research
  • Financial professionalization of your organization
  • Training tailored to your needs
  • Assessment of damages
  • Conflict prevention / Mediation

All have their own skills. This is the starting point in the services of PlasBossinade to entrepreneurs and managers in various sectors. They preferably focus on their own field of business. It is exactly for that reason that they avail themselves of the services of PlasBossinade when confronted with financial issues. Whether for managing of their organization, a dispute, damage or alleged embezzlements.

Royal Dutch Institute of registered accountants

Our business consultants are registered with Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants (NBA), Antonio Vivaldistraat 2-8, 1083 HP Amsterdam, telephone number 020-3010310, nba@nba.nl.