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Corporate Social Responsibility

For PlasBossinade business practice automatically means corporate social responsibility. PlasBossinade takes into account the effects its business activities may have on the environment and it has an eye for the human aspects inside and outside PlasBossinade.


PlasBossinade gives attention to work-private balance, for example by offering flexible working hours. The developments in the field of professional knowledge and general knowledge is stimulated, among other things by regularly providing  various internal courses. Attention is also given to team spirit in the form of joint lunches, the weekly office happy hour, team outings and the annual office outing of PlasBossinade.

PlasBossinade sponsors various regional sports clubs and those who work at PlasBossinade exhibit sportsmanship as well, for example by participating in the 4Miles of Groningen, a company sailing competition, a beach volleyball tournament and various golf tournaments.

Foundation PlasBossinade ProBono

In 2011 the foundation PlasBossinade ProBono was established. With this foundation PlasBossinade wishes to show its appreciation for the confidence it has been receiving from the Northern Netherlands for over 100 years.

PlasBossinade ProBono organizes activities that are not run-of-the-mill for groups of people in the Northern Netherlands who deserve a placed in the sun.

PlasBossinade sponsors various organizations that are committed to man and the environment, such as Groninger Landschap, Hartstichting and Make a Wish.


The effects the business activities of PlasBossinade may have on the environment are continuously being considered. For example, when PlasBossinade had the office building renovated, a choice was made for energy-saving installations and the use of low-energy light bulbs. Apart from that  PlasBossinade uses paper that is a lesser burden on the environment and double-sided printing is done as much as possible. Waste is separated and environmentally friendly products are used for cleaning. On 10 October 2013 PlasBossinade signed a covenant for a zero energy business park (Bedrijventerrein Corpus den Hoorn).

Sharing know-how

Key issue at PlasBossinade is service. The specialist knowledge of our people is entirely used for the benefit of our clients. But PlasBossinade also wants society to profit. PlasBossinade does so, for example, by supporting projects at the weekend school, primary schools and institutes for higher professional education and by providing support to start-up companies and students.