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Complaints regulation PlasBossinade advocaten en notarissen

1. Definitions


Any written statement of grievance to be reasonably regarded as such by or on behalf of a client against a lawyer or (junior) notary employed by PlasBossinade or working under their responsibility, regarding the establishment and performance of the agreement to provide services, the quality of the services provided or the amount billed, that is not a complaint as meant in paragraph 4 of the Act on Advocates.


The client or his/her representative expressing a complaint.

Complaints procedure

The procedure applied by the office for the handling of complaints.

Complaints regulation

This document, which is the transcript of the complaints procedure applied by the office.

Complaints officer

The person, not being the lawyer or (junior) notary against whom the complaint is directed, who has been entrusted with the handling of the complaint.

For complaints regarding the provision of services by a lawyer, this shall be mr. M.P. Waninge, or her substitute in the event that the complaint is directed against the former. If the complaint concerns the provision of services by a (junior) notary, it shall be handled by mr. J.G. Knot, or his substitute in the event that the complaint is directed against the former.

Complaint file

A file to be kept internally regarding each complaint, including all documents relating to the complaint concerned.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the complaints regulation are:

  1. recording a procedure for handling clients' complaints within a reasonable time period and in a constructive manner;
  2. recording a procedure to determine the causes of clients' complaints;
  3. improvement of the quality of services using complaint handling and complaint analysis;
  4. maintaining and improving existing relationships by means of proper complaint handling;
  5. training employees to respond to complaints in a client-focused manner.

3. Information at the commencement of service provision

  1. This office complaints regulation has been made public. Before entering into an agreement for the provision of services, the lawyer respectively (junior) notary shall notify the client that the office has an office complaints regulation in place, and that it applies to the services provided.
  2. The General Terms and Conditions of PlasBossinade state the independent party or entity to which a complaint may be submitted in the event that it is not solved by the complaints handling procedure, in order to obtain a binding decision, and this is communicated along with the assignment confirmation.
  3. Complaints as meant in article 1 of this office complaints regulation that are not solved by the complaints handling procedure, shall be submitted to the competent court in Groningen, it being understood that, regarding complaints against a (junior) notary or any persons working under his/her responsibility, the Disputes Committee as meant in the Complaints and Disputes Settlement Scheme for the Notarial Profession is also competent.

4. Internal complaints procedure

  1. When a client approaches the firm with a complaint, the complaint is referred to the complaints officer.
  2. The complaints officer shall notify the complainee of the submission of the complaint, and shall give the complainant and the complainee the opportunity to comment on the complaint.
  3. The complainee shall try to reach a solution directly together with the client, whether or not after consultation with the complaints officer.
  4. The complaints officer shall ensure proper handling of the complaint within a time period of one month after receipt of the complaint, or shall communicate any deviation from this term to the complainant, stating the reasons for the deviation and the term within which an assessment of the complaint shall be given.
  5. Confidentiality must be ensured under any and all circumstances.
  6. The assessment of the validity of the complaint shall be communicated to the client in writing.
  7. All complaints shall be registered in a complaint file, to be kept for each complaint.
  8. The complainant shall not be liable to pay any compensation for the costs of handling the complaint.

5. Responsibilities

  1. The complaints officer shall be responsible for handling and settling the complaint, with due observance of this complaints regulation.
  2. The complainee shall keep the complaints agent informed of any contact with the client and any possible solution.
  3. The complaints officer shall maintain the complaint file.
  4. The complaints officer shall provide a written reaction to the complainant.

6. Analysis of the complaints

  1. The complaints officer shall process the details of the individual complaint files and shall conduct an annual analysis.
  2. The complaints officer shall submit periodic reports regarding the handling of complaints to the Board of Directors, and shall make recommendations for the prevention of new complaints and the
  3. improvement of procedures.

This complaints regulation was established on 26 February 2015.