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Jan Leo de Hoop


With more than 30 years’ experience and a long-term specialization in corporate law, Jan Leo de Hoop is a trusted source of information for many clients where complex matters related to corporate law and contracts ae concerned. Clear and pragmatic in his advice, tenacious in proceedings and, of course, with total commitment at all times.

Mergers and takeovers

Jan Leo de Hoop acts for sellers and for buyers of enterprises and also for private equity parties, investment and finance funds. In various branches he has guided mergers, takeovers, joint ventures and the realization of other forms of cooperation.

Contracts/international practice

A major part of the practice of Jan Leo de Hoop involves drafting national and international contracts and guiding negotiations within that scope. For various enterprises he is the central contact person. Part of this contract work is associated with real estate, particularly in the sphere of investment (investment funds). In an international context he looks after the interests of clients with opposing parties in other European countries and beyond. He also acts for foreign clients doing business in the Netherlands, where contracts and matters in the field of corporate law are at issue. Apart from that Jan Leo is the key contact for The International Lawyers Network.

Corporate governance/disputes in companies

Because over the years Jan Leo has become a permanent advisor for many clients, he has experience with questions about corporate finance and disputes in companies. Often it is about complex relationships between various stakeholders, in which not only legal aspects play a role. In the first place Jan Leo tries to come to a pragmatic, workable solution which enables all those involved to move ahead. Should it be necessary he is not afraid to go to court though, for example to the Enterprise Section. 


  • University of Groningen, Dutch law (private law and socio economic law)
  • Specialization course International Trade at Erasmus Universiteit (Rotterdam University)
  • Grotius academy, company law (with honours)
  • Wagner Group, specialization course Governance for supervisory directors


  • Member of the Association of Private law [Vereniging voor Burgerlijk recht]
  • Member of the Association of Commercial law [Vereniging Handelsrecht]
  • Member of the Northern Association of Netherlands Industry and Employers [VNO-NCW Noord]
  • Member of the Exportclub North
  • Member of Commercieele Club Groningen

Register of jurisdictions

Jan Leo de Hoop has registered the following area(s) of law in the register of jurisdictions of the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA):

  • Corporate law
  • Contract law

This registration obliges him to achieve ten training credits per calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.