Marijn Nuijens


Experience in advising and in legal proceedings

Marijn Nuijens is a lawyer in the field of public servants law at PlasBossinade. The administrative process is also familiar territory for Marijn Nuijens. He frequently works with and for public  authorities. In both fields he has gained a broad experience over the past years.

Advice tailored to your needs

You can always turn to Marijn Nuijens for an advice about, for example, concluding an employment agreement or an administrative appointment, the termination thereof, an adjustment in employment conditions and restructurings.

Conducting legal proceedings in case of disputes

A lawyer of course does more than giving advice. He is often engaged if there is a dispute.

In those disputes Marijn Nuijens acts as a lawyer for various employers and authorities, but also for employees and public servants. The focus then is on finding a solution out of court, which as a matter of fact is often the best for all parties. In the event that parties fail to come to an amicable solution, legal proceedings cannot be avoided. In public servants law as well as in employment law Marijn Nuijens has a lot of experience.

Apart from public servants law and employment law Marijn Nuijens also engages in construction law.


Dutch law, Togamaster (gaining practical experience in various areas of the legal profession) Private law, University of Groningen

Ancillary functions

Chairman of Netherlands Bar Association for Junior Lawyers [Jonge Balie] Groningen


Member of the Round Table 107 (Ronde Tafel)


Winner local and regional pleading competitions

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