Marijn Nuijens


Experienced lawyer in the field of construction law

Marijn Nuijens has been employed as a lawyer with PlasBossinade since 2009. He is specialized in the field of civil construction law. Day-to-day he is engaged in giving advice and dealing with disputes and he knows the various general conditions that are applied in the building industry, such as the UAV (Uniform Administrative Conditions), the UAV-GC (UAV for Integrated Contracts) and the DNR 2011 (The New Rules 2011).

Marijn Nuijens also has a lot of experience in arbitration proceedings. 


Dutch law, Togamaster (gaining practical experience in various areas of the legal profession), Private law, University of Groningen.


Member of Ronde Tafel (Round Table) 107

Member of Bouwsociëteit Groningen (Members’ Club in the field of construction)   

Member of Drentsche Golf & Country Club

Ancillary functions

Lecturer at the Academy of Architecture in Groningen.


Winner of local and regional moot courts.

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