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Saskia Ankersmid

Junior civil-law notary
+31 (0)50 521 39 27

Saskia Ankersmid has been employed with PlasBossinade since 2015. As junior civil-law notary she focuses mainly on real estate law.

Amongst other things Saskia is engaged in private real estate transactions, property development projects and mortgaging.

From the very moment of the purchase agreement being signed at the broker until the memorable transfer of your (future) house/premises at our office clear communication and customer focus is our prime concern. Full of enthusiasm and with a lot of pleasure I shall assist you with the sale or purchase of your house/premises and the mortgaging.


  • Master Notarial law, University of Groningen
  • Bachelor Notarial law, University of Groningen


  • Member of the Koninklijke NotariĆ«le Beroepsorganisatie (KNB)