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Damir Lacevic


Employment law covers a much larger area than is usually thought. Apart from the individual employment agreement in which various legal aspects play a role, employment law also involves the right of participation, collective schemes, secondment constructions and equal treatment. Damir Lacevic in his legal profession is specialized in all these aspects of employment law and is highly experienced in this particular field. Clients of PlasBossinade who are being assisted by Damir Lacevic receive unconditional legal support and a clear explanation as to the legal strategy. Especially now that employment law has changed there is a need for clarity, expert advice and the capacity to anticipate those changes, which can be passed on by PlasBossinade and Damir Lacevic to their clients.

Employer or employee

The legal profession is not a matter of merely conducting legal proceedings, but it also entails an important advisory component. Legal problems may better be avoided instead of solved after the event. Damir Lacevic as a lawyer often assists employers at solving difficult issues. Yet also employees avail themselves of the services of Damir Lacevic. In spite of the fact that employers and employees look at things from different perspectives, Damir Lacevic can without effort place himself in the position of his client and recommend those legal options that are most advantageous to  the client.

Persuasive force

Conducting legal proceedings forms part of employment law. The lawyers’ rules of behaviour demand that the lawyer find a solution out of court. Yet unfortunately this is not always possible. Employment law often involves preliminary proceedings or swiftly conducted proceedings where terminations of the employment agreement are judged by the court.

Damir Lacevic sees to it that the legal documents are drafted at high legal level and to the utmost advantage of his client. In the court room Damir Lacevic will use his own persuasive force.


  • Acadamy of Music Groningen, classic music, German flute
  • Dutch law, University of Groningen
  • Post academic Grotius training (with honours)

Ancillary activities

  • Masterclass employment law-program University of Groningen, lecturing students and co-developing
  • Faculty of Law Association [Juridische Faculteitsvereniging, JFV] and Study Society Enterprise & Law, interim exam trainings for students
  • Lecturing law students at Hanze Hogeschool (university for professional education)


  • Member of the Association of Employment Lawyers of the Netherlands [Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland VAAN]
  • Member of the Association of Northern Employment Lawyers [Vereniging Noordelijke Arbeidsrecht Advocaten]
  • Hattrick’s Club FC Groningen

Register of jurisdictions

Damir Lacevic has registered the following area(s) of law in the register of jurisdictions of the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA):

  • Employment law

This registration obliges him to achieve ten training credits per calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.